OFFICEJOB - the commercial practice company in Weinfelden

The practice company OFFICEJOB is a service of the foundation Zukunft Thurgau (work integration TG) and reproduces as a training SME all business activities of a trading company. With up to 30 participants, OFFICEJOB markets products from companies and brands in Eastern Switzerland exclusively in an international network of practice companies, and does so purely virtually and fictitiously (no physical flow of goods).

The practice firms network includes about 50 Swiss practice firms and 4500 practice firms worldwide. In concrete terms, 3500 people in Switzerland pass through the practice firm world each year and come into contact with the logos, products and services of the partner firms (around 150,000 people worldwide).

By working in the OFFICEJOB practice company, job seekers can optimally prepare themselves for their professional future in the commercial sector. The assignment enables them to experience practice in a realistic way and to train and consolidate their technical and methodological skills in all processes of a commercial enterprise. With the principle of EMPLOYABILITY we empower the participants to improve their professional opportunities in the labor market and secure a sustainable job.

We are proud to be an official Education Partner of ABACUS and work in OFFICEJOB with the latest version. Through ABACUS we map all processes and procedures. This way we ensure that the participants are up to date with the latest knowledge. As an education partner we offer certificate courses in financial accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll accounting. An ABACUS certificate is in demand on the market and increases job opportunities. With the ECDL learning program via LONA we offer participants another benefit in our service. In short learning sequences, participants can build up and improve their IT skills and acquire the ECDL certificate.

With regular interdepartmental meetings we ensure the smooth running of the practice company. The aim is to share knowledge, generate the latest figures such as turnover or margin, and present projects, budgets and news. Organized excursions to Thurgau companies and businesses not only broaden professional horizons but also actively promote interest in Thurgau as a business location and opportunities for effective networking in the job market.

With the modules workshop MIND4WORK (resilience), application course amazingly well apply, workshop application video, workshop find a job and be found via social media and the photo session for an attractive, adequate application photo as well as the parallel running application coaching, we enable the participants with current and contemporary appearance and application skills in finding sustainable employment.


  • Processing of the current financial accounting
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable bookkeeping incl. dunning process
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual financial statements, VAT settlements
  • Reconciliation of supplier, customer and G/L accounts
  • Planning and execution of payment transactions at home and abroad
  • Chair of meetings and keeping of minutes
  • Correspondence with customers and suppliers
  • Leading the hand cash register


  • Internal sales activities such as order processing and invoicing with ABACUS
  • Freight cost calculations / preparation of transport documents (domestic freight and export)
  • customer service / customer care
  • Designing and presenting departmental presentations
  • Chair of meetings and keeping of minutes
  • Creation of the sales and marketing activities


  • Order processing, ordering and article and supplier master data maintenance via ABACUS
  • Delivery and invoice control with ABACUS
  • processing of the procurement process incl. price negotiation
  • Purchasing controlling incl. delivery reminders and backlog procedures
  • Chair of meetings and keeping of minutes
  • Update supplier contact information

Human Resources, Administration

  • Activities in human resources such as personnel entries and exits, employees and absence checks
  • Preparing registrations and cancellations with the AHV compensation fund, pension fund, accident insurance and, if necessary, daily sickness benefit insurance
  • Enter, maintain and statistically prepare master data
  • Inbox and outbox incl. e-mails, as well as operation of the telephone exchange
  • Chair of meetings and keeping of minutes
  • General administrative activities