OFFICEJOB - Your added value for the commercial sector

Our service focuses on the added value for participants in the job-finding process with the core themes of work, education and coaching


Practical activities in a trading company are learned using the ABACUS operating system. Structured daily routine with integrated application and e-learning times: 60% work / 20% application time / 20% e-learning
  • Reflection and orientation of the job-specific orientation in the commercial sector on the basis of labour market preference and the commercial interest test.
  • Support, guidance, promotion and teaching of practical professional skills in the tertiary sector (purchasing, sales, marketing, secretariat, human resources and accounting).
  • "Learning by doing" in business management processes in the departments of the practice company analogous to the business activities of an import and export trading company.
  • Training partners ABACUS - train and coach all process flows with the ABACUS business software for the control of business processes.
  • Working with the latest MS Office tools.


Focus on commercial topics, operating software Abacus, ECDL and application skills.
  • Training documents and support by licensed teachers up to and including licensing of all applications (FIBU, DEBI, KREDI, LOHN) from ABACUS.
  • ECDL learning software. Licence examination with corresponding SkillCard can be completed at favourable conditions in the BBZ Weinfelden
  • Course "Applying for jobs amazingly well".

Coaching and agogics

Workplace support and promotion.
  • Regular location discussions. Coaching to check the target agreement, learning target control, reflection on the perception of others and oneself, as well as reflection on work and performance behaviour and on self-, social, technical and methodological skills.
  • Individual application support. Situationally appropriate support during the application process. Joint determination of the application strategy
  • Guidance and promotion in MS-Office programmes.